Registration and start of the trip

Install the YOTO application, enter and verify your phone number and fund your account using Click or Payme payment systems. We will also ask you to confirm your age – only adults can use the service. Everything, you can take a scooter and ride!

The YOTO application is very simple. We are sure that after downloading you will quickly figure it out. Just in case, I made an instruction, it’s here.

If the scooter is already nearby, just scan the QR code on the steering wheel through the YOTO app and click Book now. At the minute rates, the scooter will switch to the reservation mode, at the hourly rates, the rental will immediately begin and the scooter is ready to ride!

The scooter stands at the parking point (P sign on the map), most likely the closest one to it. Unfortunately, the coordinates may deviate slightly, but the scooter always stands plus or minus in a place with a P sign.

In the YOTO application, on the “About” tab, the full text of the offer is posted. We invite you to read it and confirm your agreement with the rules of the service when registering each user. You can also read it on the website –  oferta.

Safety above all

The scooter has a lever on the left and right handlebars – this is a brake, rear and front. From pressing it, two types of brakes are turned on at once – mechanical (disk) and electric (engine).

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Two or more people on a scooter is a load that the scooter is not designed for. It can break down on the go. It is also unsafe, because driving a scooter in this situation is much more difficult. For a ride together on one scooter, we can issue a fine.

Up to 100 kg. It is important that only one person can ride a scooter, regardless of the total weight of two users. Do not take passengers on a scooter – it is not safe.

No. First of all, for your health and safety, and the safety of the scooter.

A few basic rules, and you can read them in full in the contract:

You can not drive on highways and off-road, practice dangerous driving
By road, if there is a sidewalk or bike path nearby
Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
You cannot ride a scooter with a passenger
Do not drive off hard surfaces onto grass, sand, gravel and other irregularities, overcome obstacles more than 2 cm high, move out and drive onto curbs
Perform sports and extreme stunts
Participate on the Electric Scooter in competitions, races and any sporting events
Violate the boundaries of the Zone of Use

During the ride

We show the zone for rides and parking on the map of the application.
Stay on the bike lanes and be careful on the sidewalks. Do not drive onto the roadway, dismount at pedestrian crossings.

No. You can’t bring and ride on the subway with our scooter. For this, according to the rules of YOTO, a fine is provided. If you need to take the subway, leave the scooter at the bike parking marked on the map in the app and complete the ride.

It is possible, but as carefully as possible – do not accelerate on slippery surfaces. And, please, avoid puddles – the scooter is not afraid of rain from above, but driving it into a puddle is sending it for repair with a high degree of probability.

YOTO scooters are low-powered and do not go faster than 25 km/h. And in the areas where the limit is reduced, they automatically reduce the speed to 10-15 km/h. Additionally, you can switch the scooter to a mode that is more suitable.

The scooter can operate in three modes – Sport, Drive and ECO. The difference is only in speed. In Sport mode, the scooter will accelerate to 25 km/h, in Drive mode – up to 20 km/h, and ECO mode will allow you to go no more than 15 km/h.

By default, the scooter is set to Drive mode, but you can always change this by double-tapping the button below the scooter display. You can check which mode the scooter is in on the screen on the steering wheel.

“In the application, we show the forecast in minutes and kilometers. Of course, it is approximate and depends on external factors: how and who is driving, and even on the temperature outside.

As soon as the scooter starts to discharge, the application will send a push notification that it’s time to park. You need to start moving towards the parking lot.

As soon as the charge becomes low, the scooter will switch to economy mode – it will ride on the motor, but will not allow it to accelerate more than 15 km / h.

At a critically low charge, the scooter will turn off the engine. You will either have to push off with your foot, or roll the scooter nearby.”